About Us

We're just teachers trying to do what good teachers do...

We are a small team of experienced, passionate and dedicated teachers who believe learning should be fun, relevant and challenging.

An integral part of schooling is (summative) assessment; we believe this can be made more realistic and holistic through lower stakes (and higher frequency) experiences that consider soft (social) as well as hard (subject-specific) skills.

This is a platform to evolve school assessment in this direction. We currently facilitate collaborative networking environments for students as well as teachers through developing a pyramid of increasingly-challenging subject-specific competitions, each spread over a few days. The Finals of the World Mathematics Championships® is the pinnacle of our pyramid.

Our vision is for all young people to be inspired by academic challenge throughout the world.

To do this, our mission is to engage lots of young people enjoying creative learning through collaboration and competition.

Please contact us with your ideas if this evolving model of assessment also resonates with you!


Rob and Simi (click here to find out more about us)


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