Tokyo Qualifier NEAMC


What is it?
This is a 3-day competition happening within the prestigious National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre, Tokyo. It is a Qualifying round to be a part of the Finals of the World Mathematics Championships® 2019Participants engage in our 9 different types of rounds within 6 skills categories.

Who may enter?
Any youth still engaging in pre-university education. Senior level is aimed towards those in Year 13 and below.

When is it?
Saturday 6th October, starts 2pm, until Monday 8th October, ends 10pm.

What do participants get?

Lots of intangible rewards! And also...
An attainment transcript containing the percentile ranks in each round, each skill attribute and a descriptor of their demonstrated strengths.
Medals are awarded to the better performing participants in each of the 6 skills categories.
Those who excel best in all 6 categories are also issued with a Golden Ticket invite to the Finals.

How much does it cost?
JPY 50000 per student participant and JPY 40000 per adult adjudicator (there is an option in the registration form to select different currencies of invoice and methods of payment if prefered).
This is all-inclusive of food, accomodation, transport, materials, medals, ... from 2pm Saturday afternoon until after breakfast on Tuesday. Participants are expected to make their own way to and from the venue (specific details will be provided) - Friday night is already fully booked.

What about accommodation?
All student participants and adult adjudicators are assigned single rooms with shared bathroom facilities. These are within the conference centre compound and rooms are reserved for 3-nights, Saturday until Tuesday.

How to register?

An adult adjudicator clicks on the link above and registers teams of 3 students.
There must be at least 1 adult adjudicator for every 3 teams registered. If you would like to register more than 5 teams, please contact us before proceeding.

Registration into this competition is confirmed only when the full fees have been received AND all participant particulars are complete in the form.


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