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The World Mathematics Championships® are collaborative assessment-as-learning experiences for all youths yet to commence university study.

Senior level is aimed for those studying in the 1-3 years prior to university (in Grade 12 and below).
Junior level is aimed for those studying 4-5 years prior to university (in Grade 9 and below).
Prime Plus level is aimed for those towards the end of their Primary Schooling/early Middle School age (in Grade 8* and below).
*For this 2018 launch year only. It will then revert to Grade 7 and below.

The tiered progression to the Finals is as follows:


Individuals and institutions may enter this 1 hour multi-choice fundamental Skills and Concepts questions paper.
All participants are awarded with certificates of percentile attainment, and some are also presented with Special Ticket invites for the next stage, a Qualifier.

Senior and Junior Qualifiers (and the Prime Plus Finals)

**Some Qualifiers for this season do not have the prerequisite Preliminary Round.
    • 2+ full days of total immersement
    • 6 skills categories for prizes
      • Challenge - because we want to be the best that we can be
      • Knowledge - because we need secure foundations to communicate, collaborate, challenge, strategise and create better!
      • Collaboration - because we all need others to help us achieve our dreams
      • Strategy - because visionary thinking leads to more profound success
      • Communication - because we need to be able to convince others that our beliefs are sound
      • Creativity - because we enjoy being humans instead of robots
    • Transcripts of relative attainment
    • Individual medals within each skill category
    • Golden ticket invites to the next finals of the World Mathematics Championships®
    • A Warry Cup awarded to the institution with the best mean average

Individuals focus on the Challenge rounds alone.

Inter-nation teams engage within the Collaboration rounds together.
Intra-nation teams complete the 
Communication rounds together.

Some rounds are (subject specific skills and procedures) knowledge intensive.
Other rounds are (plan and execute)
strategy focused.
There are rounds that depend upon (new and imaginative ideas)

Each strategy, creative and knowledge skill category has at least one round that is engaged in alone, within inter-nation teams and through intra-nation teams.

The 9 rounds within WMC qualifiers are:

Skills categories Challenge Collaboration Communication
Knowledge Mathematician Lightning Shuttle
Strategy Duel Innovation Pursuit
Creativity Codebreaker Open Inspiration

For a more detailed breakdown on how the Qualifiers flow, please browse the other sections:

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